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 Creation of Groups

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Creation of Groups Empty
PostSubject: Creation of Groups   Creation of Groups Empty5/8/2012, 3:44 pm

You may notice a link in the legend section at the bottom of the forum index page, entitled Group Creation Requests. There is also a button icon in the above menu entitled Groups.

This is where you may create groups, but unlike places like DC, you must request the group, and explain what it will be about, etc. There must also NOT be a similar group here. This is to assure there will be quality groups, and not a lot of wasted space.

If your request is approved, you will be set as moderator of that group, and it will be up to you to add, or approve members asking to join your group.

Please do not ask to make a group if you plan to just let it sit there. Groups that are unattended, or neglected for 6 months, will either be deleted, or appointed a new moderator!

Be aware that you do not have to make a group (or clique) in this area, to actually start a clique, you can start one in the forum . For instance lets say you LOVE Harry Potter books. You don't have to request a private group for that, you can start a clique in the forum
in Everyday Chit Chat.

It has been suggested that we add a few things to this site, such as blogs, which we do not have the plug in for, nor do I have any plans to add an actual blog here.

This is one reason I gave members the Member Pages in the Vault, as well as a place in the Green Rooms (Member Websites) where members could also express themselves publicly (as the Vault is members only).

In the Green Rooms section mentioned above, you can publicly posts links to your own sites, blogs etc... as well as use that forum to add whatever comes to your minds, in the form of blogging, article writing, etc. (but no spamming, or off color topics please! Save the really controversial subjects for the vault!)
I do try to fill as many suggestions, requests as possible. Sometimes it just isn't feasible. I do not have the financial resources it takes to fill every wish I have, but I sure do try to work around those types of issues the best I can.

Thank you all for being members.
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Creation of Groups

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